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Our new report format is still based on generating standard A4 color printed reports including our characteristic macroscopic and microscopic images. The inclusion of photographs greatly enhances the value of the report from the patient’s point of view. The pictures facilitate patient understanding and awareness of their condition, providing a useful adjunct to the consultation process.

Several options are available:

Report delivery

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Several options are available. These are not mutually exclusive and clinicians can choose one, or any number of the modalities listed below:

  • Standard printed report in color, hand delivered. Clinicians can specify how many copies of their reports they would like.
  • Faxed report
  • Email reports. Reports can be automatically emailed in PDF format on completion.

The environment

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With the move to lower carbon emissions, doctors are increasingly opting for paperless offices. This means less paper usage, less printing, and less fuel used to deliver reports.

Confidence in the result

begins with choosing the right laboratory